Against the severe pandemic, doctoral student re-examination of SPSIR completed successfully
Time: 2022-07-04

Against the severe pandemic, doctoral student re-examination of SPSIR completed successfully

 From March 25 to 27, 2022, the re-examination for online admission of doctoral students of the School of Political Science & International Relations (SPSIR), Tongji University was held in Room 1802, Zhonghe Building as scheduled.

 Faced with the severe challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic in Shanghai and the quasi-closed-off management of the university, SPSIR developed a strict and detailed plan to ensure the high-quality and successful re-examination of doctoral students with reasonable institutional arrangements and perfect technical and equipment support. In the process of admission, the postgraduate management team of SPSIR strictly followed the requirements of the re-examination for postgraduate admission of Tongji University and fulfilled the requirements of “double seats, double secretaries, and double backups”, so that the interview experts could not only directly communicate with the candidates through personal terminals, but also watch the overall situation through the main screen in the conference room. During the whole process of re-examination, the efficiency of communication was ensured and the information was transmitted in an open, fair and impartial way.  

 SPSIR attached great importance to this online admission of doctoral students and drew experience from the past to improve the forms, methods, and process. During the examination, SPSIR innovated the previous online admission mode, requiring every participant to use a terminal and earphone as the receiver, so as to prevent mutual interference between devices and ensure smooth communication with candidates. Despite the severe situation of the pandemic, the online admission has shown the firm determination of SPSIR to face difficulties and challenges. Under the guidance of the Graduate School of Tongji University and led personally by Dean Men Honghua, various difficulties were overcome for this admission examination. All the members of the expert group returned to the school ahead of time for quarantine. Finally, all the members successfully assembled at the offline examination site in Zhonghe Building at Siping campus without any absence. Dean Men, the chief examiner, organized the examination properly and arranged the site in an appropriate and orderly manner. Professor Wu Xinye insisted on going to the site to participate in the interview in spite of poor health with sudden acute gastritis, successfully completing the admission task of the school.

 There is no doubt that the rampant pandemic in Shanghai is a severe challenge for everyone. However, with the resolute courage and flexible thinking of SPSIR, this doctoral student admission has been carried out successfully, which is another good example of the high quality, high level, and high requirements of SPSIR.

 With the joint efforts of the interview expert group, good results were achieved in the one-and-a-half-day re-examination for doctoral students. SPSIR is one of the two schools that have completely adopted off-line re-examination among more than 30 schools in Tongji. Furthermore, with thoughtful arrangement and high-quality interview, it was highly praised by the university leaders who came to the site for inspection.